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Menu Styles for ASP.NET
We constantly add new Navigation Styles!
MultiColor Menu styles for ASP.NET are the perfect choice for creating great-looking, professional websites using the latest Microsoft technologies.
Every menu style is a standard ASP.NET theme with master pages that can be used with any ASP.NET application (framework 2, 3.5 and 4).
For each style we provide VS 2008 and 2010 solutions which include a small business demo website with 20 color ASP.NET Themes and 8 Master pages.
We have a Live Demo for every single Color Theme and Master Page, see yourself how rich, flexible and quick our navigation is.
Menu Styles
Framework 4.0
3 Demo Projects:
- Single Color
- Advanced Options
- Multicolor Functionality
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Menu StyleMulticolor Navigation
Main Features
Menu Style Professional Color Schemes
- Every single Color Scheme is built by a professional designer.
- These Schemes cannot be achieved by a linear color shift.
Menu Style Unlimited Level Navigation Depth
- You can set starting menu root level and menu depth
which is useful if you want to use several menus on one page.
Menu Style 4 Menu Outlines
- Each color includes 4 navigation types: Horizontal, Vertical,
Dual Horizontal and Dual Horizontal-Vertical.
- Dual Horizontal menu dynamically displays sublevels on
root menu mouse over.
Menu Style Multicolor Functionality
- Menu supports 3 color modes: Mono Color, Multi Color and
Multi Color on Mouse Over.
- You can apply a separate Color Theme to any Menu Item
or Group of Items using a custom attribute Theme.
Menu Style Custom, Multi-Column / HTML drop down
- Insert an HTML code (content of an HTML file) or an IFrame
into a drop down item.
- Insert a Group Separator or a Link to another menu item.
Menu Style Flexible Data Binding
- McMenu control supports binding to SiteMapDataSource, XmlDataSource
and XmlDocument objects through DataSourceID or DataSource object.
- You can easily map your XML item attributes to the menu item properties.
Menu Style Flexible Master Page Layout
- Every Master Page includes 7 Content Place Holders: Head,
Slogan, Top, Left, Center, Right and Bottom that expands for
wider content and collapse out of view when empty.
Menu Style Dynamic outline and color change
- You can change your site outline and color scheme simply by
changing Web.config and/or Web.sitemap or provide functionality
for your customers to select a color scheme dynamically.
Menu Style W3C Standard XHTML and CSS
- The styles have been tested for W3C compliance - XHTML 1.0
Transitional and CSS level 2.1. All our live preview pages
include W3C links to test the compatibility.
Menu Style Cross Browser Compatibility
- We've thoroughly tested the styles in the major browsers:
Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari
and Netscape Navigator.
Menu Style Videos, Documentation, Commented CSS
- Check out our short videos to see how quickly and easy you
can start building a professionally - looking ASP.NET website.
- Menu designer is not provided.
Menu Style Easy To Use
- McMenu control doesn’t use any third party objects or libraries.
- You don’t have to register or activate the menu in order to use it.
- You can use FREE edition VS 2010 Express to build your site.
McMenu Structure
There are three main menu parts: Root Menu, Dropdown Menu and Dual Horizontal Menu.

Menu Style Structure
Menu Style Structure
Menu Style Structure
Menu Style Structure

Menu Item includes five parts: Left, Icon, Center (Text), Arrow and Right. Most of the parts are optional.

Menu Style Structure
Menu Style Menu Style
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